The landscape in the work of Mykola Yaroshenko occupies a special place. As if being inferior to the total volume of the artist’s contribution to the history genre paintings and portraits in the development of art, at the same time it does not lose its role, does not become secondary in this context. Landscape has always been of interest to M.O. Yaroshenko, as evidenced by early drawings, sketches, the artist’s subtle use of landscape background in genre works, in particular in such as “Nevsky Prospect at Night”, “The Girl student”, “Blind Cripples near Kiev”. With particular force, his talent as a landscape painter was delighted with the nature of the Caucasus. The artist managed to convey its majestically impregnable beauty with restraint and objectiveness, with a deep understanding of the painting technique. Among the best works of art in the Caucasian cycle is the painting “In the Caucasus Mountains” (collection of the Mykola Yaroshenko PAM (AG)), in which the demonstration of the strict nature of the mountains reaches an epic character.
The collection of the museum, in addition to the artist’s Caucasian landscapes, also includes several landscape sketches created during his travels to Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Italy, carried out by M.O. Yaroshenko in the last years of his life – “Corner of the Eastern City”, “Sphinx. Cairo”, “Vesuvius”, “Palermo”.

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